Clink the Links above to open very
good videos about skating basics.  

It's is produced by the  Roller
Skating Association in conjunction
with USA Roller Sports.

A new window will open.  You can
return here just by closing it.

Note that to get around, you need to
push to the side, not back.

To turn, you need rotate your whole
body into the turn.

Bend your knees for more control
and don't bend at the waist.

The videos also shows how to stop,
and the best way to take a fall.

Classes every Saturday.

Arrive at 1pm, class begins at 1:15.
All ages and skills levels welcome.

The cost is only $7.00 and includes the afternoon public session.
Coach Bernie Gilliam and
assistants run the class.

Coach Bernie is a National
Champion skater, and is
passionate about teaching others
the joys of the sport.

All ages and skill levels
are welcome.

B&D is glad to have him
teaching for us.
Beginner and Advanced instruction is available.
So is classic training for competition.